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The Underground Landlord, Real Estate Investing, Property Management, And Tenant Selection For Everyone.

The Real Estate Game!


Every year, thousands of entrepreneurs begin investing in real estate.  Many landlords adopt a “buy hold” strategy in hopes of building long-term wealth with a rental portfolio. Others quickly sell their first rental property within the same year of purchase and never look back. While there are several factors toward implementing a successful rental portfolio, the one essential skill required for preserving profit is selecting preferable tenants! This is known as Tenant Selection in the business!  This objective, however, is by far the most burdensome feature to master for a few reasons.

A primary complication landlords suffer from is lack of follow through. Anyone who has sat in eviction court for a few minutes will soon hear the word, “repossession,” from multiple property owners. This is especially common with smaller, private landlords. They are there to get an unsatisfactory tenant evicted to reclaim their property. As proprietors well know, their judicial involvement rarely produces any financial gain whatsoever. Sadly, lack of follow through on the part of the courts quickly accords multiple evictions before they begin to surface in court databases. Therefore, records of unreliable renters – into the thousands - can appear wonderful when in fact the reality is they can be “dead- beat tenants.”   This is not what you want to happen in that fresh painted condo or recently renovated apartment!

Another obstacle to overcome is most humans want to see the good in people. Generally, we attempt to be fair and honest; therefore, we assume everyone else possesses the same traits. Unfortunately, this is too often not the case in the rental business. At the initial meeting phase, you cannot imagine being forced to hire a landlord tenant attorney, but many contracts end exactly that way. A third difficulty in the rental business relates to how tenant screening yields so many meaningless bogus references -- AKA lying!  Less than desirable tenants convince friends and family to pose as recent landlords, and you are stuck with faulty references!  Unfortunately, many become adept at fooling others, and can seem very credible during the interview.  You then assume you have a prize jewel of a tenant only to find out you have been greatly deceived.  Soon you are three or more months in arrears and end up coughing up your money to evict a nonpaying tenant. No doubt it stings a bit!

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What Is Underground Landlord?

Underground Landlord is an extremely simple concept that creates massive possibilities. Let's give an example of a real world scenario. You, a landlord, are a signed up member of Underground Landlord. Great choice by the way. Especially since you signed up during the free release for the first 10k members.  Unfortunately that recent tenant you had in apartment 4 didn't work out so good and you had to evict. Trust me when we say, we get it. We have all been there. Now the dreaded day of reentry has come and gone. All the agonizing, gut wrenching fears are realized. It wasn't as bad as it could have been but it still sucked. Wading through a mountain of trash wondering how someone can live that way while feelings of defeat creep at the base of your brain like wolves seeking a prey. Yes it's a sinking feeling. Thankfully though, you do have possession and that's a big plus.

Your next step, Add Tenant. Log on to your membership at Underground Landlord and add this tenant to "Your" database. Now as the list populates and other landlords come on board, the list grows. The next landlord on our site searching for a tenant closely matching the one you have in your database will be given your contact info. That's right. Yours. Not the tenants. That is how we stay legal in all 50 states. We technically do not divulge any tenant information at any time. We simply connect landlords to landlords who happen to have similar matching tenants in common. 

bad tenants renters eviction notice

I have a horrible tenant. How can I evict them? What Can I do? Or I just evicted a tenant, and they destroyed my house. What can I do? Can I get a judgement? Is there any recourse? Can I prevent this from happening to me or someone else?

Is This A Tenant Blacklist? 

The term Tenant Blacklist has been around longer than the internet. First off, at underground landlord we do believe that most tenants and most landlords are good people with a desire to better themselves and improve their environments. That being said, even with those who do not fit this category we do not consider ourselves a blacklist. We provide a service of connecting landlords to other landlords by tenants as a means of the common denominator. In most ways, this keeps properties freed up for the most qualified and hard working decent families to obtain. 

There technically isn't a list. No one is ever given, displayed or sold any tenant or landlords information at any time. Members are inferred to present factual information on their postings and will be removed if found in violation. Integrity is expected at all times. The misunderstanding of the term blacklist by the online community has lots of misinformation running rampant on the boards.  Anyone wishing to present us with a broken law please forward the exact law being broken, not angry phrases and useless retorts. 

What we do and how we help!


Here at Underground Landlord, we have developed a carefree solution to many of those problems. That’s right! Our platform is designed to help both the rookie and the seasoned landlord make better choices!  How you ask?  I’m glad you did. Allow me a few brief moments of your time to explain: Simply click below and sign up onto the platform. The portal will integrate with your mobile device when you provide input. It costs you NOTHING to be a User, but we do require you to NAME & describe at least one bad tenant experience for the benefit of other landlords.  We would be most grateful if you would add more “horror stories” with appropriate identities and details.  Next, please invite other landlords you know in your area to sign up and make entries of their less than desirable tenants. Also encourage them to invite other landlords as well. Now, as you receive applications, run them in your search bar against the database. If another landlord in the system has a matching person in his or her database, it will connect you to that landlord.  If several landlords pop up with a matching tenant. then there is no point to even worry about it -- you don’t want a tenant multiple landlords have already evicted!

Underground Landlord is an entirely new concept and we understand it can be new to folks. Also the platform is new as well and we are still working with ways to improve it while maintaining a legal set up in all 50 states. 

If you need help with navigating the site or learning how the ends and outs of it work again, please feel free to get in contact with us or click the button below for detailed instructions how to navigate Underground Landlord.


As always thank you for your patronage and we look forward to working with you and thousands of others like you to plow the way through the worst of the worst tenants!

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