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Underground Landlord FAQ (frequently asked questions)

  • What is Underground Landlord and what is this about?

    • Underground Landlord is a completely new concept online however it is how tenant selection has been done at the local level for years. You simply talk to the previous landlord and see how they and your prospective tenant got along. How payments were made etc. This platform simply automates it and will occasionally put you into contact with a landlord or two that you weren't given on the application.​

  • How do I navigate Underground Landlord? ​

    • We have provided an entire page covering navigation of Underground Landlord. All the extra features you may miss if you just glean over the context.  Click Here for the Navigation Instructions!​

  • What can I do to help other landlords? I have just gotten my property back and it is in disarray. I had to evict this tenant and my property is in a mess.​

    • This is exactly the scenario Underground Landlord is built around. First of all you need to make sure you are a member of our site. Sign Up Here if you are not already a verified member. This is to protect us, you as well as tenants. ​

    • Next you will want to Add Tenant. This is where you place general information concerning the tenant on your own database within our site.

    • Now when other landlords on our system search for tenants that match the parameters you input, they will return you in their searches and the other Landlord and you can have a conversation, verify if they do in fact have the same person, and go from there!

  • How can Underground Landlord help me now?​

    • Upon signup immediately start checking your tenants against our databases and make a habit to run every new tenant that fills out an application with you against our databases. The fuller the system gets the more likely we will help you avoid a bad experience!​

    • Another way of getting help from Underground Landlord is to help us expand the databases. Make sure to share the link with every other Landlord you know. As you know the first 10000 landlords to sign up are free for life so make sure to get several in your general area, so you guys get a good toe hold on the free market and keep a solid sustainable list of landlords in your general area using the system.

  • What other features are available to members on Underground Landlord?​

    • We offer lots of extras for our members to participate in. We have Groups which are a great place to hang out. Post some knowledge or find some tips!​

    • We also offer Forums for you to post your opinions or read up on others' opinions. Anywhere several Landlords are gathered together trust me there is a wealth of knowledge. 

  • Does Underground Landlord insure I will get good tenants. ​

    • Unfortunately, no one can make that guarantee however we do aid you in your tenant selection process. We help to put you in contact with other landlords that may have had a working relationship with the tenant that you are looking at. Firsthand information is one of the best gauges of how a person will be you can get!​

image of tenant blacklist bad renters list
tenant selection tenant blacklist

Is Underground Landlord a Tenant Blacklist?

There is lots of talk these days on tenant blacklist. Everyone has an opinion, and you hear many times people state that they are illegal. Well, to begin with, let's define what a tenant blacklist is.

Upon Searching google with the question. What is a tenant blacklist this is the answer at the top of the page. "A tenant blacklist is another name for a tenancy database or a ‘bad’ tenant database. Run by private companies, they collect and store information about tenants. Real estate agents and landlords may use them to screen people who have applied to rent a property."


So, for a database to be in existence the data had to come from somewhere, right? Well, where did this data come from? Winston Law LLC did a comprehensive job on tenant blacklist and where they originate. I believe you will be quite surprised. From the name you may think back room deals or mafia guys in trench coats selling vital and illegal information to shady characters. Well, wrong, that's just not the case at all as pointed out by this article by Winston Law themselves:

Rising Rent Cost?

There is also a third factor that isn’t always talk in textbook rental property but in fact a real factor into the cost of rent. Bad tenants! Yes, we may want to avoid them but if you have been in the rental business for any number of years you have come across some of these and they can be quite expensive. Bad tenants rent houses or apartments without an intention of staying long. They travel from landlord to landlord and prey on people who do not do their due diligence when performing the tenant selection process. It is important that you preform tenant screening to try to miss out on some of these guys.


Many times, when these types of people weasel their way into your home, they end up doing significant damages to your house before finally being forced to vacate the property. In a retail store environment this would be called shrink. Manufacturing facilities would call it waste but regardless of its name it is a real business cost and must be factored into the overall cost of the product. In this case, rent. Bad tenants have a direct effect on rent cost without a doubt.

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